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Raised Voices is a political choir based in central London. Our songs are for justice, peace, climate, refugees, Palestine, women's rights and more, and against racism and any kind of discrimination. We sing on demonstrations and other public events, as well as for our own enjoyment.

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Raised Voices welcomes singers of all abilities and levels of experience. Don't worry if you haven't sung for a while or have never sung in a choir. You don't need to read music or know which part to sing – we always welcome people who prefer to learn by ear, and we will help you find your way! On the other hand, if, like some of our members, you have a great deal of musical skill and experience, you will also find a welcome with us.

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Raised Voices meets on Thursday evenings 7.30-9.30pm at the Doreen Bazell Community Centre in Chenies Place (off Pancras Road), London NW1 1UG.

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Future events

Singing in support of Julian Assange, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL, Monday 20th May

Julian Assange has been imprisoned in the UK's notorious high-security jail, Belmarsh, for over 5 years, at serious risk to his physical and mental health. Belmarsh is intended for convicted terrorists and serial killers - whereas Assange has not even been charged with anything! He is "wanted" in the USA for the "crime" of journalism - merely publishing information about US war crimes, for example in Iraq and Afghanistan, that the US government didn't want to be known. Here in the UK, the legal processes in his case so far have been totally corrupt. If his extradition to the USA goes ahead, he is liable to a sentence of 175 years, in conditions likely to be even worse than Belmarsh. And in addition, this would set a terrible precedent in terms of investigative journalism, freedom of speech, and the public's right to know what governments do in their name.

This Monday is when the decision on Julian Assange's extradition will be given at the RCJ. From the RCJ hearing in February three of Julian's nine grounds of appeal were allowed, and the UK judiciary requested assurances from the USA relating to his First Amendment rights, his treatment as a non-US citizen, and the use of the death penalty. In relation to the latter, this point in his appeal was raised in the context of a plot in 2017, under CIA director Mike Pompeo, to murder Assange. The concern is that extra charges would be added - and there is precedence for this in his case - once Julian was extradited, making him liable to the death penalty.

These "assurances" were received from the USA in April, but as Amnesty points out "Dubious diplomatic assurances made by the USA as to his treatment are not worth the paper they are written on, not least because they are not legally binding and are riddled with loopholes". As an example, the "assurances" relating to his First Amendment rights only state he can "seek to raise" First Amendment rights; it does not guarantee that he will receive them.

Raised Voices will be singing in support of Julian Assange, sometime around 11am though timing will depend on how long the court proceedings take.

For more information on the campaign see and

Recent events

Nakba 76 - End the Genocide - Stop arming Israel! - Saturday 18th May

Saturday 18th May, assemble 12 noon, march from BBC in Mortimer Street to Whitehall

Wednesday 15th May marked the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, meaning "catastrophe", which is what the creation of the state of Israel was for Palestinians - and some are referring to the current genocide as the 2nd Nakba, though of course at another level the catastrophe has been continuous throughout these 76 years.

And Israel's atrocities are continuing. The news from Gaza is so horrifying, it's impossible to know what to highlight. The bombing is ongoing in all areas of Gaza, e.g. there were more than 100 airstrikes in Jabaliya over the weekend. And the near-total siege is still in force. People in northern Gaza are starving, and starvation is rapidly spreading south. A convoy of trucks bringing in food aid via Jordan was attacked by Israeli settlers, the food thrown into the road and destroyed, and then 3 of the trucks set on fire. At Karem Abu Salem crossing near Rafah, Israeli protesters have been blocking aid deliveries for months, with aid trucks backed up for miles, and the food they are trying to deliver of course going off.

Israeli bombardment has destroyed much of Gaza's infrastructure, including for water and sanitation. So of course, with people already weakened by hunger, this is leading to a huge rise in infectious diseases. Oxfam reported that their "staff in Gaza have described piles of human waste and rivers of sewage in the streets, which people are having to jump between, [and that people are] having to drink dirty water and children [are] being bitten by insects swarming around the sewage.” And of course in Rafah this is exacerbated by the chronic overcrowding, a city formerly of about 250,000 people now accommodating about 1.3 million, with the influx of people driven there when other Gazan cities were attacked.

And this is on top of total devastation of Gaza's health system; if a service is somehow resurrected after Israeli bombardment it is then attacked all over again.

This demonstration again called for for an end to the genocide, and halting the supply of armaments to Israel. For more info see Raised Voices sang with some of Strawberry Thieves as the marchers passed by.

Conscientious Objectors Day - Weds 15th May, Tavistock Square

Raised Voices sang at Conscientious Objectors Day this year on Wednesday 15th May from 1 to 2 pm in Tavistock Square, London. The ceremony commemorates the men and women, all over the world from the distant past to the present, who refused to kill for reasons of conscience. During the ceremony, as well as speeches and songs, attendees lay a flower on the massive memorial stone as the names of many conscientious objectors are read out. With so much fighting and destruction now taking place it has particular relevance this year as people still take this courageous position.

London March for Palestine: Stop Arming Israel! Saturday 13th April, 12 noon

We keep thinking that Israel's genocide in Gaza can't get any worse, apart from the cumulative effect obviously making the situation worse every day it continues. And then we hear about further levels of depravity, such as the obliteration of the whole Al-Shifa hospital complex, IDF soldiers storming the hospital and completely destroying all buildings and departments, and shooting people inside and around the hospital - a targeted slaughter of more than 400 people including medical staff, patients, and displaced civilians who had been sheltering there, many of the victims being children. And then the bodies were further mutilated by the Israeli forces driving over them with bulldozers, crushing the bodies and grinding them into the rubble and dust, as well as some bodies being burned.

And subsequently Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant announced the success of this operation, and that this would be taken as a model for the next phase of the war! This horrific statement clearly indicates that Israel's sense of impunity is undented, despite a more critical tone from various western leaders following the deliberate murder of the 7 World Central Kitchen aid workers - but these same western leaders continue to supply armaments to Israel, in the case of the USA billions of dollars' worth. So it's timely that, in addition to calling for a permanent ceasefire, the focus of this demo was to demand that our government Stop Arming Israel! For more information see

The demo started from Russell Square; Raised Voices sang in support of the marchers a little further along the route at the junction of Remnant Street with Kingsway.

Defend Our Juries - solidarity with Trudi Warner - Thursday 18th April

Raised Voices sang at this vigil and rally. Recent state and judicial challenges to how juries operate include preventing them from hearing about defendants' motives by judges who instruct defendants not to mention their motivations on pain of being charged with Contempt of Court. Some climate activist defendants who did state motivations were indeed charged for that, and a few have been sent to prison for Contempt of Court. At their original trials, the judge told jurors that they had to ignore those motivations. But our law allows for juries to decide according to their consciences, as this copy of a plaque at the Old Bailey shows! Yet the Attorney General wants to prosecute Trudi Warner for holding a sign that stated this legal right of juries. More details on the Defend Our Juries website.

Copy of plaque describe rights of juries
Copy of plaque at the Old Bailey. This right has been enshrined in British law since 1670.

Here are some clips of Raised Voices singing at the vigil. Videos by Martin Fisher.

National Demonstration - Ceasefire Now - Stop the Genocide in Gaza - Saturday 30th March, Russell Square, 12 noon

Israel's genocide in Gaza continues - they are continuing air strikes across Gaza, now including Rafah, and have renewed their assault on Al Shifa hospital and several others. And the near-total siege is still in force, with aid trucks prevented from entering Gaza, not only by the IDF but also by hundreds of Israeli citizens “demonstrating” at the Rafah crossing, in a closed military zone, so officially it's illegal for them to be there. And all this despite the UN Security Council having finally voted for an immediate ceasefire and lifting of the siege, though only for the month of Ramadan - which is already more than half-way through. Deaths from starvation, most of them children, are continuing to rise, and preventable diseases are rife because of the lack of sanitation and the destruction of medical facilities.

This demonstration started from Russell Square, assembling at 12 noon, and marched to Trafalgar Square. Raised Voices met near Russell Square, and sang as the march passed by.

For more information see

National Demonstration for Palestine - Ceasefire Now! - Stop the genocide in Gaza! Saturday 9th March

As we know, the USA and the UK are complicit in Israel's ongoing genocide, so this time the march went to the US embassy. People in Gaza are now dying of starvation as well as the slaughter carried out by the IDF, added to the deaths from preventable diseases caused by the destruction of Gaza's health system along with the total lack of sanitation due to the blockade, which remains near total. And the few aid trucks that are allowed through are then also attacked by the IDF, e.g. with hundreds of Gazans being shot by the IDF when trying to get basic food supplies from one of the trucks, in the now infamous flour massacre. And yet the USA and UK continue to supply arms to Israel, and have not reversed their defunding of UNRWA, so are complicit in genocide in terms of “deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part” as well as in enabling the direct slaughter of Gazan men, women and children.

The demonstration assembled at 12 noon in Hyde Park and marched to the US embassy in Nine Elms Lane. Raised Voices sang for the marchers as they passed by.

Singing in support of Julian Assange, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL, Wednesday 21st February

Julian Assange has been imprisoned in the UK's notorious high-security jail, Belmarsh, for nearly 5 years, at serious risk to his physical and mental health. Belmarsh is intended for convicted terrorists and serial killers - whereas Assange has not even been charged with anything! He is “wanted” in the USA for the “crime” of journalism - merely publishing information about US war crimes, for example in Iraq, that the US government didn't want to be known. Here in the UK, the legal processes in his case so far have been totally corrupt. If his extradition to the USA goes ahead, he is liable to a sentence of 175 years, in conditions likely to be even worse than Belmarsh. And in addition, this would set a terrible precedent in terms of investigative journalism, freedom of speech, and the public's right to know what governments do in their name.

Julian Assange's final appeal against extradition to the USA was held at the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st February. Raised Voices sang in support outside the court at lunchtime on Wednesday 21st, between 12:30 and 2pm. For more information see here.

Read this legal argument (Twitter thread) by Julian's wife Stella so you understand what is at stake.

National Demonstration - Ceasefire Now! - Stop the genocide in Gaza! Sat 17th Februrary

It's now 3 weeks since the ICJ ruled that Israel is potentially committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, and issued the provisional measures to prevent this continuing. But Israel is ignoring this ruling completely, and both the genocidal slaughter and the deprivation of all necessities are continuing with greater intensity than ever, including the destruction of nearly all critical infrastructure including hospitals, schools, and universities.

So the same 6 campaigning organisations called another National Demonstration to demand Ceasefire Now, and to Stop the Genocide, as part of a Global Day of Action for Gaza. See

Raised Voices joined this demo, singing for the march on Park Lane.

National Demonstration - Ceasefire Now! - Stop the genocide in Gaza! Saturday 3rd February

There was another National Demo for Palestine on Saturday 3rd February. South Africa brought a case to the International Court of Justice charging Israel with genocide against the people of Gaza - the whole case is likely to take years to adjudicate, but since a case of potential genocide demands urgent remedy, the court can issue “provisional measures” if it finds that there is a case to answer. They did indeed so rule, and demanded that Israel cease “killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; and imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.”

However, in the few days since this ruling of the ICJ, Israel's genocidal attacks on Gaza have intensified, the near-total blockade is still very much in force - and the few aid trucks that have been allowed to enter Gaza via Israel are now being blockaded by Israeli citizens. So the need for us to increase the pressure on our politicians is greater than ever. Once there is formal notice of the serious risk of genocide, as is now the case, all states have the duty to take concrete steps to prevent it. Failure to do so means complicity in genocide, which is also a crime in international law.

We demand that UK politicians reverse their policies of failing to call for a ceasefire, so providing Israel with impunity, and of complicity by supplying armaments to Israel and allowing Israeli arms companies to be located in the UK. And we also demand that they restore funding to UNRWA, the main lifeline for Palestinians and for Gazans in particular - outrageously, their funding was withdrawn last weekend by the USA, UK and several other states.

Raised Voices joined this demo, called by the same 6 campaigns who organised the previous demos, see for instance

Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association (CADFA) - Saturday 9th December

Raised Voices sang as part of CADFA's 20th anniversary event on 9th December. Abu Dis is a town in the suburbs of Jerusalem, where in 2003 the Israeli Separation Wall was being built across Abu Dis itself. In 2004, the International Court of Justice found this to be a serious human rights violation and in breach of international humanitarian law. CADFA works to create awareness in the UK of the human rights situation in Palestine.

National Demonstration for Palestine – Ceasefire Now! – 11th November 2023

With now well over 10,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza by Israel's genocidal bombing, and still no end to the total blockade making any sort of normality impossible, the same six campaigns called another national demonstration Saturday 11th November to demand an immediate ceasefire. The demonstration marched from Hyde Park to the US embassy in Nine Elms Lane. Raised Voices were at the eventin, singing for the marchers as they passed by.

A map of the route is available on Stop the War's website.

Stop Braverman, Stop the Hate, Refugees Welcome, Unity not Division - Saturday 4th November

Suella Braverman's talk of a 'hurricane' of refugees coming into Britain crossed a line. She is using the kind of scapegoating language that is stirring up hatred and fear and opening the door to the racists and the far right. Braverman went still further, saying that attacks on women and LGBT+ people should not give them the right to claim asylum. Braverman and the government have also widened the attack on the right to protest targeting BLM, climate activists and other campaign and solidarity groups. We all need to come together to stop the scapegoating, hate and division coming from Braverman and the Sunak government.

Raised Voices joined the Stand Up To Racism protest outside the Home Office on Saturday 4th November at 12 noon. More details here.

March for Palestine - Stop the War on Gaza! - Saturday 21st October

With the Israeli genocide in Gaza continuing, by intensive bombing of the civilian population including bombing their hospitals and schools, as well as the ongoing total blockade, another demonstration was was called by the six organisations who organised the previous week's event. This time the march started at noon from Marble Arch, finishing again with a rally at Downing Street. Raised Voices found a good place to sing for the marchers as they went down Park Lane. Although the march was huge and noisy we were able to sing a lot while somewhat quieter sections of the march went by, and were heard and appreciated by those near enough, many of whom slowed down to listen. One older Palestinian man was moved to tears by the lyrics of one of our songs, and thanked us for being there.

March for Palestine - End the violence - End Apartheid! - Saturday 14th October

Some of Raised Voices sang at this national demonstration for Palestine to protest at Israel's terrible bombing of Gaza and its total blockade, cutting off supplies of food, water, medicine, fuel and electricity. The demonstration assembled at the BBC at Portland Place, and we sang near there as people gathered and then in Regent Street as the march went by, before joining the march as it continued to Downing Street. The demonstration was called by six campaigning organisations including Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War, CND and FOA.

14th-20th October 2023, London - Oily Money Out!

Oily Money Out logo

The Oil and Money Conference (rebranded as the 'Energy Intelligence Forum' last year), a luxury summit for the biggest names in the fossil fuel industry took place in London 17th-19th October. While some people are in fuel poverty and many are suffering consequences of climate change, the fossil fuel industry was schmoozing over plans to increase drilling and mining, having already reduced commitments to climate action. Raised Voices sang in protest during the actions, as did other choirs.

Protesting against the DSEI Arms Fair! Tuesday 12th September

Every two years since 2001, an Arms Fair has been held at the ExCeL Centre, selling weapons to oppressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Israel. (Click here to read more about thei history of DSEI.) Each time, Raised Voices has been part of the protest against it.

This year we joined the protest on the first day of DSEI, starting off at 11:00 with protestors walking from Stratford to raise awareness about the arms fair among the local people, leafletting and talking to people along the way. After singing with this group at locations in Stratford we went to the ExCeL Centre to join the protest there. Tuesday 12th was Migrant Justice Day at DSEI, so we sang appropriate songs for this theme as well. Finally we re-joined the walkers from Stratford, as they cast a wreath into the dock opposite the ExCeL Centre to commemorate those killed in recent wars, especially those who have been killed by weapons supplied by the arms trade, e.g. at arms fairs such as DSEI.

Calling on nuclear-armed states to sign the UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons! Say No to nuclear war threats!

On Friday 4th August Raised Voices sang in support of an Embassy Walk organised by Trident Ploughshares and CND, calling on some of the nuclear-armed and NATO member countries to sign the UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and to get rid of their own nuclear armaments. The protest walk called on the Russian, French and Germany embassies, and on the UK government in Downing Street. Campaigners from the UK were joined by others from France and Germany who are in the UK to take part in the annual fast in commemoration of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For further details see

Supporting climate activists against length of sentence, 26th July 2023

Raised Voices sang in support of an appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice for Morgan and Marcus. Last October, they bravely climbed the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge to keep the climate and ecological crisis on everyone's agenda. They were sentenced to an unprecedented 3 years and 2 years 7 months in prison, respectively. The demo was organised by XR Events and Actions UK, and you can read more and find a petition here: The judges will give their decision in writing, in a few days or weeks. We sang Build a Better Future (see video below), When London Lies Under the Ocean, and This Is An Emergency.

Supporting climate activists Marcus and Morgan 26th July 2023

Busking for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) at Highbury & Islington Stn., Thursday 6th July 2023

Raised Voices spent an evening busking to raise money for MAP at Highbury & Islington Station on Thursday 6th July. Medical Aid for Palestinians tries to cater to the medical needs of those in Palestine & Palestinians who have been spread across the Arab world. Long-established, MAP can enter even Gaza to do its work. MAP's vision is a future where all Palestinians can access an effective, sustainable and locally-led system of healthcare, and the full realisation of their rights to health and dignity. Please see for more details.

Here are some photos and a video from the event:
Raised Voices singing at MAP busking, Jake conducts Raised Voices singing at MAP busking, Jake conducts Members of Raised Voices post next to banner Raised Voices singing at MAP busking, Ros conducts Raised Voices singing at MAP busking, Jake conducts

Raised Voices busking for Medical Aid for Palestinians in July 2023

NAKBA 75 – National Demonstration to Free Palestine, 13th May

Raised Voices took part in the NAKBA 75 National Demonstration to Free Palestine, End Apartheid, End the Occupation. Nakba means “catastrophe”, which is what the creation of the state of Israel was, and continues to be, for Palestinians. 15th May marks the 75th anniversary of Nakba. For more information see Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The demonstration marched from Portland Place to Downing Street to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Singing with XR Peace at The Big One

Raised Voices joined XR Peace to take part in Extinction Rebellion's The Big One event in protest against the military causes and impacts of climate chaos, and the devastation of war.

On Friday 21st April we sang at the picket outside the Ministry of Defence, and the next day we joined the Big Biodiversity March for Earth Day, "to honour and respect our natural worls and all endangered species".

Watch Raised Voices sing One Song One Dance in support of Extinction Rebellion in London in April 2023.

Raised Voices singing with Extinction Rebellion in April 2023

Resist Racism on 18th March

Raised Voices sang in support of the national demonstration initiated by Stand Up to Racism on Saturday 18th March 2023, assembling at noon in Portland Place, London.

An event for International Womens Day

On Friday 10th March at 7.30 pm, Raised Voices sang at an International Women's Day event with the women's section of Leyton CLP at Wanstead Library.

Stop the War in Ukraine – Peace Talks Now

No to the Russian Invasion – No to NATO – No to Nuclear War! Saturday 25th February: Raised Voices joined this demonstration to sing with the march as it set off. This National Demonstration was organised by Stop the War and CND, calling for peace talks now, and no more supplying of arms and heavy weaponry with the danger this brings of further escalation, possibly nuclear escalation. Starting from Portland Place, the march ended with a rally at Trafalgar Square.
Further information here.

Julian Assange event: Secret Power, Media Freedon and Democracy

On Saturday 28th January, 4-6pm, Raised Voices sang at this event at St Pancras New Church in Euston Road: Secret Power, Media Freedom and Democracy in the context of the Julian Assange case.
More details from WISE Up Action.

More photos, videos and news

Cynthia Cockburn

In March 2020, Raised Voices held our memorial for Cynthia Cockburn, a long-term member who contributed a huge amount to the choir and was also instrumental in setting up Campaign Choirs Network. Please click here to read more about Cynthia, and see photos and videos of the memorial.

Climate Action Songs

Watch Raised Voices sing "Build a Better Future", one of our Climate Action Songs for Great Big Green Week 2021.

Raised Voices singing at this event

Raised Voices at online Conscientious Objectors Day event

Watch Raised Voices sing "Who Do They Think They Are?" recorded over Zoom, and shown as part of the online Conscientious Objectors Day.

Raised Voices Zoom recording of "Who Do They Think They Are?"

Raised Voices at Extinction Rebellion protest

Watch Raised Voices sing in support of Extinction Rebellion in London in April 2019.

Raised Voices singing at Extinction Rebellion in April 2019